European Secrets Calcium Nail Builder, .5 oz

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Treatment Polish
European Secrets

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European Secrets Calcium Nail Builder, 0.5 oz 

Product Description:

·         BEAUTIFUL NAILS BEGIN WITH EUROPEAN SECRET: Say goodbye to short and paper thin nails! Calcium reinforces your natural nails to make it stronger and more flexible. European Secrets Calcium Nail Builder provides your nails with an even coating for a premium shiny finish, all while fortifying them to prevent it from cracking, peeling, or chipping. Instantly strengthens nails with just two quick application of thin coatings every other day. See impressive desirable results after a week!

·         FORMULATED WITH NATURAL VITAMINS: Combines the benefits of Benzophenone and calcium pantothenate - also known as vitamin B5 which hydrates, moisturize, protects and repairs damages, adds shine, and build a tough foundation to bring out a healthy, natural, and attractive-looking nails. Also, this product is formaldehyde-free and toluene-free!

·         FORTIFIES NATURAL NAILS: Have soft, thin natural nails that easily form cracks, chips, and unsightly ridges? Take extra care of your nails with this calcium nail builder. Nails exposed and subjected to frequent paints, polishes, manis, and pedis are more likely to be thin and brittle over time which cause easy chipping and cracking. Enjoy constant manicures or pedicures without worrying about the health of your nails. Apply European Secrets Nail Builder today!

·         ADDS HEALTHY SHEEN: This calcium nail builder evenly coats the nail, giving it a healthy natural sheen. A perfect top base coating, it adds shine as it builds the nail to boost strength and flexibility. Two thin coatings on clean natural nails make all the difference to having a perfect set of durable healthy looking nails. Remove the coatings after a week and see excellent development from your weak thin nails to a lustrous, polished finish.

·         PREVENTS PEELING: Say goodbye to peeling, cracked, and brittle nails! This product has brought forth a way to apply calcium to the nails and prevent them from splitting and chipping. You don't have to worry about further damaging or breaking your nails when using them. This nail builder ensures top-tier coating which promotes firm stronger nails that you can work with any time, any day.


Product Features:

Calcium Nail Builder For Stronger and Longer Nails

Long, strong, and healthy nails don't have to be a thing of the past! Restore your natural nails' firm and flexible constitution with a quick application of European Secrets Calcium Nail Builder. Two thin coats every other day give your fingernails and toenails the protection and the calcium it needs to maintain its strong and well-kept condition. After a week, buff nails and remove the coatings to see perfect, healthy looking nails.

Premium Results In Just A Week

You don't have to wait for a month to see desirable results. From chipped, cracked, unsightly nails to strong, flexible nails with a healthy lustrous gleam. It provides premium coating, making your nails firm and strong so you can work with them any time of any day without worrying about further damage and breakage.

Lustrous Shine On Healthy Looking Nails

An excellent top base coating that gives a polished sheen for healthier looking nails. If you're looking for a product that can protect and boost your nails health while providing an aesthetically pleasing finish, this calcium nail builder is the right match for you.