LASIO Rebuilding and Restoring Follicle Filler Kit

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All Hair Types
16 fl oz

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Follicle Filler is a two-step rebuilding and restoring professional treatment for chemically damaged, brittle, and weak hair that lacks luster.

Follicle Filler combines the benefits of Collagen, Biotin, and Hyaluronic Acid with blends of Amino Acids to restore the cellular connectivity in the hair cortex.

Through the filling, coating, and sealing of the molecules of the cells, Follicle Filler gives the cuticle an instant shine and strength, producing healthier hair.

Follicle Filler is designed for all hair types, from curly to gray and over-processed. Whether your clients have thinning fine hair or thick textured strands.


Prep Hair Shampoo hair 2-3 times with the Lasio Clarifying Shampoo. If doing a color service then use the HYPERSILK Replenishing Shampoo.

Towel dry hair thoroughly.

Section hair into four quadrants.


Step 1: Follicle Filler Treatment Begin applying Follicle Filler at the nape area, saturating hair from roots to ends.

Comb through section by section with a two-hand motion blending product into the hair.

For curly hair, put hair into two-strand twists to help define curl structure.

Cover with cap.


Step 2: Incubation Place client under a hooded dryer on high heat for 15-20 minutes. For fine hair: 15 minutes. For thick or coarse hair: 20 minutes. If performing a high-lift color service then set the dryer on a low heat.

When time is completed, remove client from the dryer, and remove the plastic cap.


Step 3: Collagen Cool Therapy Apply Collagen Cool Therapy on top of Follicle Filler as hair is cooling down. Using a wide tooth comb or massage product into hair section by section infusing collagen rinse into hair.

For curly hair in two- strand twists, leave the twists in and add the collagen spray right on top of the twists.

Place client under the hooded dryer on COOL setting for 2 minutes. No cap is needed.

Using just cool water, rinse out excess product until it feels clean. You may rinse the hair with twists still intact. No conditioner needed.


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