Cannafloria Aromatherapy Roll-On, .33oz

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Essential Oil
Rollerball Bottle
Container Type
Rollerball Bottle
  • Be Clear (6 in stock)
  • Be Sensual (6 in stock)
  • Be Refreshed (6 in stock)
  • Be Focused (6 in stock)
  • Be Soothed (6 in stock)
  • Be Calm (6 in stock)
  • Be Energized (6 in stock)

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Cannafloria Aromatherapy Roll-On,  .33oz

These deliciously scented roll-ons provide dab of delightful refreshment whenever needed. Apply Cannafloria™ Aromatherapy Roll-ons directly to pulse points—neck, wrists, temples, chest—or wherever desired. Perfect for the desk, pocket, purse, or car. Available in 7 scents: Be Calm, Be Clear, Be Refreshed, Be Sensual, Be Soothed, Be Energized, and Be Focused. 0.33 oz. 

Be Focused Aromatherapy Roll-On helps you stay alert when you're feeling sluggish. Let the crisp, aromatic notes of Rosemary, Mint, and Spearmint, enhanced with the terpene ?-pinene, sharpen your senses to make you more mindful.

Be Soothed Aromatherapy Roll-On revives vitality with a delicious dose of aromatic relief. Let the warm, aromatic notes of Ginger, Lemon, and Copaiba, enhanced with the terpene enhanced with the terpene b-caryophellene, soothe your senses with a touch of therapeutic relief.

Be Refreshed Aromatherapy Roll-On delivers a dab of aromatic relief to reset your mood. Let the sweet, citrusy notes of Ylang Ylang, Hops, and Mandarin, enhanced with the terpene Humulene, inspire feelings of peace and tranquility. Keep in your desk, pocket, purse or car for an instant boost.

Be Energized Aromatherapy Roll-On promotes a positive moodboost to jump-start your day. Let the fresh, citrusy notes of Basil, Lime, and Bergamot enhanced with the terpene limonene renew your vitality to get up and go. Keep in your desk, pocket, purse or car for an instant boost.

Be Calm Aromatherapy Roll-On provides a dab of delightful, aromatic relief when you need it. Let the soft, herbal notes of Lavender, Chamomile, and Petitgrain, enhanced with the terpene Linalool, promote balance and wellbeing. Keep in your desk, pocket, purse or car for instant relief.

Be Sensual Aromatherapy Roll-On takes your senses on a rejuvenating joy ride. Let the exotic, floral notes of Neroli, Sandalwood, and Geranium enhanced with the terpene nerolidol release inhibitions to help you relax and connect. Keep in your desk, pocket, purse or car for instant relief.  Your sinuses will thank you.

Be Clear Aromatherapy Roll-On clears your senses so you can stay focused on the positive. Breathe in the cool, minty notes of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Lemongrass, enhanced with the terpene Eucalyptol, to promote mental clarity and well-being. Keep in your desk, pocket, purse or car for instant relief. Your sinuses will thank you.