Matrix Color Sync Demi-Permanent Hair Color

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Country/Region of Manufacture
United States
Hair Type
All Hair Types
Suitable For
Product Line
Color Sync
  • 10A Ash (12 in stock)
  • 10CG Copper Gold (12 in stock)
  • 10G Gold (12 in stock)
  • 10M Extra Light Mocha Blonde (12 in stock)
  • 10N Neutral (12 in stock)
  • 10P Pearl (12 in stock)
  • 10V Violet (12 in stock)
  • 10WN Warm Neutral (12 in stock)
  • 1A Ash (12 in stock)
  • 3N Neutral (12 in stock)
  • 3VV Violet Violet (12 in stock)
  • 3WN Warm Neutral (12 in stock)
  • 4A Ash (12 in stock)
  • 4BC Brown Copper (12 in stock)
  • 4BR Brown Red (12 in stock)
  • 4G Gold (12 in stock)
  • 4RB Red Brown Blonde (12 in stock)
  • 4RV+ Dark Brown Red Violet (12 in stock)
  • 5M Medium Mocha Brown (12 in stock)
  • 5MM Mocha Mocha (12 in stock)
  • 5N Neutral (12 in stock)
  • 5RR+ Medium Brown Red Red (12 in stock)
  • 5VV Violet Violet (12 in stock)
  • 5WM Warm Mocha (12 in stock)
  • 5WN Warm Neutral (12 in stock)
  • 6A Ash (12 in stock)
  • 6AG Light Brown Ash Gold (12 in stock)
  • 6BC Brown Copper (12 in stock)
  • 6BR Brown Red (12 in stock)
  • 6CG Copper Gold (12 in stock)
  • 6G Gold (12 in stock)
  • 6M Light Mocha Brown (12 in stock)
  • 6N Neutral (12 in stock)
  • 6RB Red Brown Blonde (12 in stock)
  • 6RC+ Red Copper (12 in stock)
  • 6RV+ Light Brown Red Violet (12 in stock)
  • 6WN Warm Neutral (12 in stock)
  • 7CC+ Copper Copper (12 in stock)
  • 7M Dark Mocha Blonde (12 in stock)
  • 7MM Mocha Mocha (12 in stock)
  • 7RR+ Red Red (12 in stock)
  • 7WM Warm Mocha (12 in stock)
  • 8A Ash (12 in stock)
  • 8BC Blonde Copper (12 in stock)
  • 8CG Copper Gold (12 in stock)
  • 8G Gold (12 in stock)
  • 8M Medium Mocha Blonde (12 in stock)
  • 8N Neutral (12 in stock)
  • 8P Pearl (12 in stock)
  • 8RC+ Red Copper (12 in stock)
  • 8V Violet (12 in stock)
  • 8WN Warm Neutral (12 in stock)
  • 9GV Light Blonde Gold Violet (12 in stock)
  • Clear (12 in stock)
  • HD RR (12 in stock)
  • HD RV (12 in stock)

More about this item

The tonality, ease of use and application that you have come to love from COLOR SYNC remains the same. We've upgraded the formula with Cera-Oil Priming Complex, a built in conditioner primer that has 2x the ceramics to perfect hair's canvas for an even more seamless color with brilliant shine. You will find new shades that align Color Sync as the perfect refresh color for both SOCOLOR, beauty and COLORINSIDER. We've also enhanced our Reflect collection to provide more visible and pure tonality.


• Wear suitable disposable gloves
• Use exclusively with Matrix Cream Developer 3% (10V) maximum. Do not use with hydrogen peroxide greater than 3% (10V).
• Use only the proportions indicated
• When a "shaker" is used, open immediately after mixing to avoid the shaker bursting and damage from the product overflowing


• Wear suitable disposable gloves
• Do not use metallic tools for example clips, combs or bowls
• Rinse the hair well after the development time
• Shampoo and condition with your favorite Matrix products.


Visible Benefits:

- Improves Hair Condition - Formulated with Cera-Oil conditioning complex for seamless rich, long-lasting color.
- Improved Color Retention - With the three-layered effect of evening the cuticle, saturating with color, and the laminated reflective polymers, the hair has high shine to give a lasting color effect.
- Improved Wearability - Maintain the tonality you start with, using the best oil for the service to gain maximum benefits.

Practical Benefits:
- Changeability - Interchangeable fashion
- Oxidation Dyes - Cost-effective usage of the correct tool and additional services
- Efficiency - Spreadable, versatile, easy application





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