Bellabaci Professional Cupping Oil

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Massage Supplies
Massage Oils, Creams
  • Cellulite Be Gone (6 in stock)
  • Aches and Pains (6 in stock)
  • Bye Bye Belly Blues (6 in stock)
  • Get a Life (6 in stock)
  • Circuflo (6 in stock)
  • Stress No More (6 in stock)
  • 17oz (18 in stock)
  • 35oz (18 in stock)

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Bellabaci Professional Cupping Oil

Cellulite Be Gone - Fight the appearance of cellulite with the Bellabaci Cellulite Be Gone Professional Massage Cupping Oil. Treat the body to a skin-loving blend of coconut, moringa, marula, and citrus oils. Specifically formulated to lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Designed to be used with the Bellabaci Massage Cupping systems. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding clients.

Aches and Pains - Relax the body with Bellabaci Hello Body Mechanic Professional Massage Cupping Oil. Arnica, peppermint, wintergreen, black cumin seed oil, and other hand-selected plant oils offer cool comfort to tired muscles for an invigorating feeling. Designed to be used with the Bellabaci Massage Cupping systems. 

Bye Bye Belly Blues - Breathe deep and relax as first press virgin coconut oil carries a unique blend of kalahari melon, lavender, petitgrain, eucalyptus, and orange essential oils to impart a truly one of a kind aromatherapeutic experience. Gently cup around the area around the stomach with the Bellabaci Bye Bye Belly Blues Professional Massage Cupping Oil. This soothing formula provides a fast-acting and all-natural experience.

Get a Life - Dramatically soften skin and minimize the look of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and dryness with the Bellabaci Skin Get a Life Professional Massage Cupping Oil. Designed to be used with the Bellabaci Massage Cupping systems, it beautifully balances moisture and oil levels while helping address visible effects of aging. The specially designed formula features ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids that help protect compromised or irritated skin. The hand-selected plant oils, including rosehip, baobab, and argan, help provide a healthy, hydrated appearance.

Circuflo - Energize parched skin with Bellabaci Circuflow Professional Massage Cupping Oil. Its invigorating blend of essential oils, including rosemary, cypress, and juniper berry, offers a clarifying fragrance to invigorate and inspire. These beautifully balanced oils mingle with bay leaf and horsetail oil to round out a truly unique aromatherapeutic experience.

Stress No More - De-stress with a cupping massage combined with Bellabaci Stress No More Professional Massage Cupping Oil. This luscious treat helps restore balance and combat the effects stress may have on the skin using plant oils such as St. John’s wort and jasmine. Its bright scent offers an upbeat aromatherapeutic answer to any daily challenges.