Bellabaci Professional Cupping Kit

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Bellabaci Professional Therapist Cupping Kit

Kit Includes the Cups You Need to Begin Body & Facial Cupping Treatments!

This kit is excellent for spas and spa professionals to begin offering cupping services. Created to accommodate body and facial cupping treatments, this kit contains the perfect variety of cups and strengths.

Bellabaci Cups are medical grade silicone, not glass. No heat required. No pumps. Just hand-squeeze the cups. They're also a breeze to clean. (Rejuvenate Disinfectant Wipes work great!)

Kit includes:

  • • 2 Super Cups (for larger areas such as back, buttocks, thighs)
  • • 1 Soft Bambino Cup (for eyes and mouth)
  • • 1 Soft Face Cup (diminish appearance of fine lines)
  • • 2 Soft Body Cups (treat anywhere in the body, pulls 4 cm)
  • • 2 Hard Body Cups (treat anywhere on the body, pulls 10 cm)
  • • Training Manual (72 pages)
  • • Training DVD

Cupping Benefits

  • • Bellabaci cupping reduces wrist strain and enhances therapists' productivity and well-being.
  • • More than 100 studies on cupping therapy provide evidence that it may help ease chronic pain and inflammation. Body cupping is also good for targeting fluid retention and cellulite.
  • • Facial cupping helps oils absorb better into the skin, improving lipid hydration and smoothness. Additionally, when the cups pull the skin away from the fascia tissue, the negative pressure stimulates blood flow and oxygenation. Lastly, it’s relaxing for your clients, especially if they’re experiencing stress. The gentle gliding of the cups helps relieve facial tension in the forehead, jaw, and chin areas.

About the Cups

No heat or pumps required. And unlike glass, if you drop a Bellabaci silicone cup, it won't chip or break.

To ensure that your cups last a guaranteed 5 years, wash with disinfectant liquid soap after each use. If the cup is left to stand with oil on it, it will harden. So be sure to promptly wash it after the treatment.

Do not use any mineral oil or mineral oil containing product with your cups.

Also note seasonal changes in temperature. If it’s too hot or too cold, it will affect the pliability of the cups. They will become harder in the cold and softer in the heat. To make them more pliable, place the cups in hot water. To make them harder, place them in the fridge for a few minutes.